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Note from the Owners

It’s been a tough couple of years for oil and gas. Not just for the operators, but also the thousands of royalty owners whose checks are down 50-80% from just 18 months ago.

At Peregrine Mineral Advisors Dallas, TX, we work with thousands of royalty owner clients just like you to professionally evaluate their property and weigh the options (including potential tax benefits) of divesting part, all or none of their interests.

During this time of uncertain prices and drilling activity that has all but come to a halt, many owners find it smart to take some chips off the table, diversify their risk, and help secure their family’s future.

Despite the recent crash in prices, our acquisition model allows us to make offers that reflect 2014 prices, however, we have a limited allocation of funds available to be deployed in each area so please let us know as soon as possible if you would like to have your interests professionally evaluated with no obligation on your behalf.

All the best,

Wolf Hanschen & CJ Tibbs

Peregrine Mineral Advisory service

Wolf Hanschen

CJ Tibbs

Andrew Hamm


We had over $28,000 in damages to our house from the recent rain and floods here in Texas. The group at Peregrine Energy worked quickly to get us a full assessment of our royalty interest and several different options to sell part or all based on our cash needs.

I recently had several liens placed against my property by the county for outstanding debts including overdue taxes. Peregrine was able to move my property’s evaluation to the front of the line so that I could get the cash I need to get rid of the liens and all of the stress that situation put my family under.

My wife and I were able to trade our monthly royalty income for a nice lump sum of cash which we used to retire early and spend more time with our grandchildren. I was surprised to learn about the significant tax savings we were able to realize by selling our royalties compared to what we would have paid by taking the income over time.

The offer we got from Peregrine was higher than those we had been receiving in the mail. They took the time to show me exactly how our royalties were valued and how a full or partial sale could help reduce risk for my family, including low oil and gas prices and the downturn in drilling activity. We took the proceeds from the sale and were able to pay for a majority of college expenses for our two boys.

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